Sweet Siblings

I have been wanting to write this post for a while, and I thought I might want to hurry up because I know things could change tomorrow. Over the last couple of months, Evan and Zoe have really started to play and their relationship is so sweet. Evan has always been good to her, and she's always been interested in him, but now she is old enough to follow his lead and participate. She wants to do EVERYTHING he does. She wants everything he has. Whoever wakes up first will almost always ask about the other. They hold hands in the car all the time (my favorite).

Of course, they have their moments...most often when Zoe is destroying something Evan built, or sitting in the middle of his field while he is trying to line up his football players. Overall, though they love each other right now. I know that we have many years of their friendship changing, and they won't always be this sweet, but right now I love it. I will keep all of these photos to show them both one day when they are fighting at 11 and 13!

For now, enjoy these sweet siblings!

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